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UN Country Team Hosts Minister of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) at the UN House

08 February 2024

Caption: Minister of ICT, Hon. Savannah Maziya and the Ministry Under Secretary, Ms. Macanjana Motsa at the UN House.
Photo: © Thoba Dlamini | RCO

The United Nations Country Team (UNCT), led by the UN Resident Coordinator, H.E. Mr. George Wachira, hosted an interactive meeting with the Minister of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Hon. Savannah Maziya at UN House. The meeting focused on the pivotal role of digital transformation in advancing Eswatini’s development vision including Agenda 2030 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The session delved into the multifaceted contributions of ICT towards revolutionizing the entire development and economic value chain. Attended by a cohort of heads of UN agencies and technical experts specializing in ICT-related programmes and mandates, the UN team included representatives of UNICEF, UNDP, UNESCO, UNFPA, and ITU.. The ITU Regional Director for Africa Ms. Anne-Rachel Inné, and UNESCO’s Regional Director and Representative, Ms. Nisha Arunatialke, participated virtually.

In his remarks, the UN Resident Coordinator underscored the cross-cutting significance of digital transformation across all the areas of the United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (2021-2025). This framework outlines a shared commitment between the Government and the UN in Eswatini towards fostering a prosperous, just, and resilient nation where inclusivity is paramount. He further indicated that digital connectivity provides a key investment pathway with positive knock-on effects on several other sectors and SDGs including employment creation and entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, ongoing initiatives supported by various UN agencies were highlighted, encompassing endeavours such as bolstering policy and regulatory frameworks for digital transformation, nurturing digital skills among youth, and enhancing public service delivery through robust ICT infrastructure.

Minister Maziya expressed gratitude for the UN's role in the country’s development journey, and for taking a special interest in technology and digital advancement. Emphasizing the necessity of forging collaborative partnerships to spearhead Eswatini's economic transformation via ICT, she championed the idea that the country's modest size should be leveraged as an advantage rather than a hindrance. "Attaining first-world status is within our grasp through digital transformation," she affirmed. "We must lead the change in the ICT sphere by fostering alliances with the private sector and development partners." The minister expressed optimism that Eswatini has what it takes to be a leader in the region with ICT as a driver for development. She highlighted the need to ensure that the education curriculum stays in step with technological advancements to avoid Eswatini being left behind in the age of algorithms and artificial intelligence.

The meeting underscored the imperative of coordinated efforts and partnerships to propel the nation towards meaningful digital transformation, enhancing the efficacy of diverse sectors including manufacturing, energy, and natural resource management. Minister Maziya stressed the importance of embracing automation in manufacturing while concurrently empowering individuals with requisite skills to ensure they remain integral to the evolving landscape.

Recognizing the dynamic nature of digital development, the meeting emphasized the need for periodic reassessment of educational models to ensure their continued relevance.

Moving forward, the Ministry of ICT is keen on continuing the engagement with the UN to sustain ongoing support initiatives and explore other avenues of collaboration.

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